Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Social Networking - No More!

Is it just me or are the number of social networking sites just a bit too much to handle? I got my head around "Facebook" (which still comes up as misspelling on my computer) and have joined "Twitter" and now there are heaps of new ones.

Now I realise that some sites like "Delicious" and "Linkedin" have been around a while but seriously do people honestly have the time to have profiles on all of these AND keep them up-to-date. I know I don't and I don't work. What are people doing?? Of course there are some of these new ones that keep track of all your profiles for you but isn't that just making more accounts? It's INSANE. Ok and yes I realise I'm posting the thing about 'social networking' on a 'blog.'

There are good things about social networking, that being the whole 'networking' angle. I just say enough already!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Big Robots Kill People... sometimes

Last Saturday a friend and I went to the drive-in (yes they still exist and I say THE drive in because I believe it's probably the only one in the city in which I live) to see a double feature film.

Transformers 2 and Terminator the whatever.

I did hear one comedian describe the former as "watching Michael Bay w%&*k at a toaster." Good call! Check out the ah.. 'legs' of some of the some of the new Transformers and the behaviour of one peculiarly strange one around a female characters leg. Well really strange for a robot, maybe not for a dog!

Maybe it was better had I been a fan of the cartoon as a child . Apparently there were some references to matrices and the like that were part of the original series. But I'm sorry I just didn't 'get' it. The plot was weak and contrived and if my mother is reading this don't watch it, don't ever watch it for God's sake!

Generally speaking I think it's hard to walk out during a movie, even if you think it's a load... even harder if the movie happens to be at a drive-in and you have to physically move your car, annoying people with lights noise and other distractions. However I noticed during the second movie (T4) at least 20-30 cars leaving. It was that bad. I mean how can a 20 foot terminator walk up behind a group of people and surprise them! At times I asked my companion which movie I was watching.

Still I kinda think this is cool...

So I will end by saying that Big Bad Killer Robots of ANY kind are obviously no match for teenagers with no weapons so bring'em on!!

For trailers of both see:


Friday, July 3, 2009


I can't believe it. I have been outblogged by my own father!

Most 50 somethings in my experience would be happy to sit and read, maybe watch some TV and watch a few movies in their retirement, but not mine... oh no. After I introduced him to the idea of having his own blog instead of just contributing to others all the time, he has the downright nerve to outblog me.

It won't stand for it I tell you.