Saturday, July 4, 2009

Big Robots Kill People... sometimes

Last Saturday a friend and I went to the drive-in (yes they still exist and I say THE drive in because I believe it's probably the only one in the city in which I live) to see a double feature film.

Transformers 2 and Terminator the whatever.

I did hear one comedian describe the former as "watching Michael Bay w%&*k at a toaster." Good call! Check out the ah.. 'legs' of some of the some of the new Transformers and the behaviour of one peculiarly strange one around a female characters leg. Well really strange for a robot, maybe not for a dog!

Maybe it was better had I been a fan of the cartoon as a child . Apparently there were some references to matrices and the like that were part of the original series. But I'm sorry I just didn't 'get' it. The plot was weak and contrived and if my mother is reading this don't watch it, don't ever watch it for God's sake!

Generally speaking I think it's hard to walk out during a movie, even if you think it's a load... even harder if the movie happens to be at a drive-in and you have to physically move your car, annoying people with lights noise and other distractions. However I noticed during the second movie (T4) at least 20-30 cars leaving. It was that bad. I mean how can a 20 foot terminator walk up behind a group of people and surprise them! At times I asked my companion which movie I was watching.

Still I kinda think this is cool...

So I will end by saying that Big Bad Killer Robots of ANY kind are obviously no match for teenagers with no weapons so bring'em on!!

For trailers of both see:,movie-trailer-roundup-terminator-salvation-transformers-2-footage-andgi-joe.aspx

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  1. The trouble with 4WDs is that there's no shelf for bobble-heads, nodding dogs, virgin marys with light-up halos etc.